Christmas Game Idea-Check In

Santa's Big Problem (Christmas game idea)Check In 
A couple weeks ago I decided that I was going to make a Christmas Game about how some of Santa's reindeer got sick and you have to cure them, but you don't know if they are really sick or if your enemy Frost made them sick.I was gonna call it Santa's Big Problem
Right now I am almost done with my game, I am using Metaverse and I only need to make 5-8 more slides plus perfecting.
Showing that Dancer is sick

Showing how there could be challenges

This is how many slides I have 
I thought I would be here because I stated early so I got a head start. I was hoping that I would be done by now but over the time I found some challenges of my own. One of my challenges was not having some of the knowledge of metaverse  but then I can just look it up on youtube. Another was that sometime I would click the delete button but it won't delete. But with challenges there are some successes. One success was that over time I learned how I should place my slides to make it more fuctional also that going along the way I was thinking of more creative ways to do things.  
I am hoping that this week I will finish for the holidays. My plan is just to stay focused on my work.



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